We launched a social media ad campaign for the portable beer pourer that served up holiday sales records.




Social Ad Campaign


Increased e-comm revenue 127% YOY

Delivered 5X ROAS during the holiday season

More than doubled YTD sales in one month

After handling their 2017 holiday marketing effort internally, Fizzics turned to By & Large toward the end of 2018 in search of a much larger splash. The brand would also be introducing their 3rd generation beer foamer—the DraftPour—just three weeks before Christmas.

Leading up to Thanksgiving, during the heart of football season, we launched a pigskin-themed campaign featuring the brand’s flagship product, the Original. The ads generated brand awareness on social media and helped build a foundation of engagement retargeting audiences for future ads. They also garnered an unanticipated amount of sales—something good creative that’s smartly targeted can do, even when conversion isn’t the goal. 

Next we unveiled the DraftPour, with ads derived from a launch video we created for the brand’s website. They got viewers into the holiday spirit, while contributing to our growing list of retargeting audiences. 

A week later, we launched our conversion effort: a series of 6-second, holiday-themed ads designed to move product and targeted toward our methodically built, purchase-prone audiences. Sales poured in and eventually topped last year’s holiday numbers by almost 200%, giving Fizzics a 5X ROAS and more revenue in December than the previous 11 months. 

For Fizzics, it truly was the most wonderful time of the year.