We exposed craft­-obsessed Duck Tape fans to a different kind of DIYer.


Duck Tape


Integrated Campaign


Almost 2MM impressions

Over 2,000 social interactions

25,500 microsite visits from over 60 countries

985 contest entries in 2 days

Duck Tape isn’t just a household name. It’s an iconic household product. Tucked away in just about every toolbox and junk drawer on the planet, it’ll fix, seal and stick together pretty much anything in the universe. We needed to remind Duck Tape’s enthusiastic young fanbase, who really only use it for creative crafting, of it’s core purpose.

We saw an opportunity in an event called The Race of Gentlemen (TROG), a vintage hot rod and motorcycle race on the beach in Wildwood, NJ. Duck Tape happens to be the go­-to tool for the racers, who rely on it to keep sand and saltwater out of their engines, their headlights intact and loose in parts in place. We approached the TROG founders about a brand partnership and they were all in.

So we built a microsite to promote the collaboration and host a Duck Tape sponsored live stream of the races. At the event, we handed out free rolls of Duck Tape to racers for quick repairs and modifications. We even used some tape to fence off spectators from the track, and secure signage and props all around the area. We also created on-­the­-spot social content for Duck Tape and wooed spectators with an Instagram contest, resulting in heaps of real­time UGC.

Hot Rod Magazine called TROG “the most photogenic motorsports competition ever”. We made sure Duck Tape was there to keep it all together, while reminding fans what their beloved brand truly stands for.