Fizzics Background

We launched a social media ad campaign that discovered untapped audiences thirsty for beer.




Social Ad Campaign


Beat projected Cost Per Recall by 95%

Outperformed Cost Per Click goal by 92%

Cost Per Acquisition was 16% lower than targeted

You would think a gadget that makes beer from a can taste like it was poured from the tap would just sell itself. Not the case. After hitting it big on Shark Tank, Fizzics, a NJ-based startup, was watching online sales of their Waytap model fall flat. So they asked us to re-design their entire website and rethink their SEO approach.

After some extensive yet obligatory product testing, we devised a more efficient plan to spur sales: focus the website re-design on a new e-comm experience, then drive qualified traffic there via thoughtfully targeted social media ads.

With a slick online store optimized for search, and Facebook pixels firmly in place, we launched a 3-month ad test to generate awareness, drive sales and find the audiences most likely to buy the Waytap. We deployed a variety of ads to a range of audiences, from craft beer lovers to everyday beer likers.

Once we found a sweet spot with the right ad creative targeted to an audience no one anticipated, sales poured in and left our clients with the sweet aftertaste of victory.