Trog Ferris Wheel

We put an up­-and­-coming vintage hot rod race into proper gear.


The Race of Gentlemen


Integrated Campaign


Philadelphia Addys – Gold

NJ Ad Club – 1st Place

In just two years after its inaugural run in 2014, The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) had gone from a spontaneous gathering of a few rag tag vintage hot rodders and bikers to an event that was drawing several thousand spectators and the interest of major sponsors. Problem was, it was still being planned on the backs of napkins and funded through handshake deals.

We were brought in to help organize the chaos and get the TROG brand ready for primetime. So we began with some logistics, designing a virtual footprint in Google Sketchup for organizers and local government officials. Once plans were finalized, we moved onto content creation, promotion and a collaboration with RRL, Ralph Lauren’s vintage workwear brand.

When all was said and done, ticket sales soared, while brands like Harley Davidson, Craftsman, Ford and Hemmings all got involved. We enlisted filmmaker and friend, Steve Marino, to capture the action, and then co-produced an award­-winning documentary that told the backstory of TROG and the event’s creator, Mel Stultz.