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Creating a unique experience for a TEDx event just finding its identity

By May 22, 2018 November 19th, 2018 No Comments
Convention Hall

After changing its name from TEDx Navesink to TEDx Asbury Park, the largest TEDx conference in the northeast wanted to infuse their event with voices from the global community gathered around TEDx talks. The 2017 lineup of speakers would all share their unique perspectives on the topic of “identity”. But how could the conference connect those talks to the similar conversations taking place under the TEDx logo around the globe?

Enter By & Large. With a history of supporting TEDx, we saw an opportunity to reinforce the event’s theme, draw from the thousands of TEDx videos created around the world, and give the experience some creative juice. So, with our partners Atomic Veggies, we developed a VR environment that allowed attendees to watch curated, identity-themed global TEDx Talks in 360° Asbury Park environments.

The experience was user-friendly and fully immersive—essential for VR, especially with novice users. When an attendee put on a VR headset, they selected a TED Talk video from a menu and were instantly transported to one of three locations in Asbury Park to watch it: on the beach, on the boardwalk or inside the historic Convention Hall.

At the end of the day—which, for us, started at 6am—our VR experience helped TEDx Asbury Park showcase speakers from TEDx conferences from around the globe as an integrated part of the day’s experience.

“The By & Large team did wonderful work on TEDx Asbury Park Identity 2017. Their team is incredibly capable, innovative and approachable. We cannot thank them enough!”

Marcia Blackwell, Event Director, TEDx Asbury Park