We showed marketers why ads powered by weather and location data should be on their radar.


The Weather Company


Online Media Kit

Rarely, if ever, are the words “media kit” and “exciting” used in the same sentence. So when The Weather Company (TWC) approached us to rethink, redesign and relaunch their media kit online, we jumped at the chance to deliver something that rose above the piles of media kit PowerPoint decks. In collaboration with our website development partners, Cantilever, our thought process began by looking at who would be coming to the site—media execs, brands, agency creatives, etc.—and how we could make their experiences constructive and memorable.

The site had to tell the story of complex ad technology driven by weather and location data—and distill it into plain English. Visually, it had to follow TWC’s style guidelines, while also serving the identity of the brand’s new parent company, IBM. And since TWC has sales offices across the US and in London, the site needed to feel locally relevant for each visitor. All this while showcasing a growing list of case studies and providing our clients with an intuitive back-end that allows them to update and add content post-launch.

We gave homepage prominence to TWC’s ad tech solutions and featured location-relevant insights that invited visitors to learn more about each one.

Each solution had its own landing page, featuring location-specific hero imagery and scroll-triggered animation that enhanced the copy on both desktop and mobile.

For launch, we designed 20 brand case studies across a range of industry verticals. Each success story also dynamically featured specific solutions and ad formats used. As more brands partner with TWC in the future, more case studies will be integrated into the site.

With the launch of TWC’s online media kit, it’s an exciting time for brands to partner with The Weather Company. Wait, did we just use “media kit” and “exciting” in the same sentence? Yes we did.