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By & Large goes 5 for 5 at the W3 Awards

By October 12, 2018 October 15th, 2018 No Comments

“I’m not in this business for the awards”, said no agency creative ever.

Fact is, we’re creators. We have egos. And deep down, we want to be acknowledged for the things we make. It validates the constant struggle to do something newer, better, smarter, cooler. But most of all, it tells us that our peers appreciate what we’re doing. Our clients like the recognition, too.

Last year, we entered the W3 Awards, one of the few digital-only creative competitions in our industry, for the first time and won 4 awards. So, this year, we had even higher expectations and, as we like to tell our clients, we exceeded our benchmark, picking up 5 awards this time:

Gold: Uncomfortable Moments, an animated holiday-themed content series for Ashley HomeStore.

Silver: The Easter Punny, a whack-a-mole style augmented reality game on Snapchat featuring a pun-hurling rabbit.

Silver: Tipsy Leprechaun, another augmented reality gem on Snapchat that celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a little green man puking rainbows into a pot of gold.

Silver: Vydia Brand Video, a vibrant motion graphics piece for the NJ-based content IP company, calling on creators and influencers to protect what’s theirs.

Silver:, a website we designed for the Asbury Park Boardwalk that supported our social ad campaigns aimed at locals and tourists.